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What you'll need

    MPC (MultiMedia Personal Computer)

      Obviously, you'll need a computer system capable of playing  a Midi File. Most newer Windows computers have everything they need to play midi files.

      If you need help go the start button on your computer and select help, then find the "Media Player" topic. Once you're able to play "canyon.mid" you're all set. "Canyon.mid" comes as a sample file with windows.

    A Karaoke Player

      WinKaraoke Player with Voice Recording
      The easy-to-use MIDI Karaoke Player for Windows with the Bouncing Ball! The full version lets you record your voice as well.

      Follow the instructions on WinKaraoke site for instructions on installing the program.

A Utility to Unzip .ZIP Archives

    WinZip - You need this to uncompress the song files. Download the .zip version of the song you want instead of the .kar version as .zip files are most likely to be handled correctly by your browser.

    Follow the instructions on the WinZip site for instructions on installing the program.

The Procedure

    Download a Song

      Go to the files area and pick out a song, remember to download the .zip version. The file in the .zip file must a .kar file.

    Unzip the Song

      This is where WinZip comes in.

    Close the Doors and Windows in Your Room

      Load up the file and start singin'!!


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