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    Check out the Discussion Area over on You may very well get your questions answered over there much faster then here.


    If you would like to make a contribution in the form of a karaoke file, an address of a related site or an informative article, please contact us.

General Information

    For general information please try posting your question in the discussion area. We will answer questions posted in the discussion are before answering email as everyone will benefit from the answers.

Requests For Songs

    Please post your requests in the discussion area. We do not send files through email. We try our best to get new songs onto the web site. If you find a song you're looking for elsewhere, please send it along to us and we'll add it to our site. If everyone added just one song to the collection, we'd have every song known to man by now. As it is we basically have the collection of one man.

Questions or Problems

    If you have a specific question or problem about why a file does not download or a broken link, please first look at our answers to commonly asked question area. Then try posting your question in the discussion area. If you absolutely can't figure out what you need please e-mail us at this address.  

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